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“Finland’s one and only Kingdom”

Hartola declared itself a Kingdom on November 10th, 1987, but the history of the realm goes back much further. Centuries ago, a collection of Hartola’s most powerful men led by Adolf Tandefelt, provincial governor and lord of the largest local estate of Koskipää, set out to claim self-rule from the neighbouring parish of Sysmä. To this end, a petition was sent directly to King Gustav III of Sweden. The matter was resolved thanks to the proposal by the petitioners that a splendid name for the new parish would be Gustav Adolfs Socken, after the king’s son Gustav IV Adolf.

For a tiny municipality, Hartola has plenty of activities for the whole family the year round. Hartola Golf features an 18-hole course, and there is even the local ski resort Purnu.

The Tainionvirta river flowing through Hartola offers great opportunities for canoeing and fishing. Along the same river and just off the main highway 4 from Helsinki to Oulu, you can enjoy outdoor activities and natural wonders, from cross-country biking to pleasant nature trails.